Those Well Meaning, But Stupid and Dangerous ‘Unvaccinators’, Part 4

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That Black Plague Vaccine Sure Was Effective!

The World Health Organization, CDC, and other government health agencies like to declare a lot of things.  Emergencies, outbreaks, conflicts of interest, recalled pills, hidden memos….but one thing they like to declare is that a country is free of a disease; in other words, a disease is eradicated.

When these agencies declare eradication of an illness, they insinuate that somehow they were responsible for its disappearance.  My question is, who was taking the credit when the black plagued phased out?  Or how about leprosy?  How did these illness leave without the almighty arm of the pharmaceutical industry?

They left the same way polio left, as did the huge numbers of measles and mumps cases.  You may be scratching your head at that last sentence.  Haven’t you been brought up to believe that it was the vaccines that eradicated those diseases?  A hard look at history actually shows a few things.  A lot of coincidence, a lot of politics, a lot of number fudging and a lot of rewriting of history.

Round and Round She Goes, Where She Stops Nobody Knows…..

To put this all into an easy context, you need to understand one thing.  All illnesses have a life cycle.  The flu comes around en masse every winter; chicken pox every spring; pertussis, measles, and mumps every four years; and polio every 50 years.  As proof of this I want you to remember back to the Indian tsunami the day after Christmas 2004.  Yes, the lack of sanitation and infrastructure after that disaster set up ripe conditions for illness, but why was it polio that popped up and not MRSA or leprosy?  Simple.  Because it was time.  It was approximately 50 years after the US outbreak of polio, no?  Other proof of this is the fact that India, Indonesia and Algeria experience Black (Bubonic) Plague have had unexplained outbreaks of the plague when they had been plague free for the past 30-50 years.  And although an effective vaccine has been available for 60 years, the number of people infected with yellow fever over the last two decades has increased.  Additionally, there have been a number of countries where cholera re-emerged after having been absent for several years.  Why?  How?  Weren’t vaccines suppossed to have prevented all of that?

The Mouth of Truth

The truth is, not only was the huge polio outbreak of the 50’s  well on it’s way out the door by the time mass vaccination programs were implemented (as was the huge mumps and measles outbreaks of the 30’s), but once the vaccines were being used, the definition of polio changed.  No longer were you diagnosed with polio, but meningitis.  If you look back in the books, the polio numbers dropped in direct correlation with the rising meningitis numbers.  And did you know that there was a strong and fierce segment of the allopathic community fighting against mass vaccination of the polio vaccine?  Even Jonas Salk, the inventor of the original vaccine said, on Oct. 11, 1 954, as reported from Pittsburgh by Saul Pett, Associated Press writer, “When you inoculate children with a polio vaccine you don’t sleep well for two or three weeks”.   Not wholly because of the possible side effects, but because most believed vaccination ultimately wouldn’t work.  But, there was a lot of pressure from the public for the government to save them from this illness, of which 98% of those afflicted recovered completely without any intervention.  And there was a lot of money already sunk into the development of the vaccine.  For some it was a simple case of being a hero and making some money.

In spite of all the holes in the polio eradication fabric, the government, along with their bed buddies, the CDC and WHO, took credit for the dwindling polio numbers ad nauseum.  So much so that eventually those few raising questions were mocked and the public CDC hero worship began.  It’s the greatest  vaccination lie in history, and once the 100th monkey finds out about it, I believe it’ll be the great fall of the pharmaceutical industry, since this lie is the foundation upon which the industry has built itself.

The truth is that vaccines have side effects, sometimes very serious and fatal.

The truth is that the benefits of vaccines are inflated while the risks of the illnesses are overstated and the risks of the vaccines are almost entirely buried.

The truth is that vaccines are not a silver bullet….your vaccinated child is not only still at risk of contracting illness, but now they are also at risk of contracting auto immune and neurological disorders.

The truth is that for as much as they claim to save you, conversely, vaccines make you just as vulnerable.

The truth is that there is no magic wand that is going to save you.

The truth is that there are some dirty, greedy liars in the pharmaceutical industry and government and that those liars tend to have a lot of influence over public policy, and therefore opinion.

The truth is that the vaccine industry can no longer deny these facts.

The industry, backed by the media, tried to paint those who dare question them as crazy nuts for decades, ultimately without success.

The industry tried, and is still trying its best to recruit your caregiver, celebrities and your friends and neighbors on this smear campaign to bully you into shutting your mouth and denying your gut feelings and giving into the fear they are feeding you by the spoonfuls.

As CDC media puppet Nancy Snyderman, MD would put it – in her condescending tone on the Today Show in the midst of the Swine Flu hysteria, “Just get the damn vaccine!”.

The problem is that they underestimated the power of truth and the intelligence and drive parents have to protect and heal their children.

The Future Is Here, Part 5

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  1. Tirzah says:

    I just read all of this. Thank you for being so brave & bold to share such important information. You truly are an amazing woman & I’m truly thankful that I have been led to know of you.

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